Occasional Update #12

Tis the moment you didn’t know you were waiting for:

The first Logical Unsanity Warehouse Open Day
Saturday 8th of April, 10am-6pm
72 School Street, Fortitude Valley

Books! Books! Old & New!

Books, books, and more books can be found at 72 School St, Fortitude Valley. It’s right next to the Barry Parade Shell Service Station. Lots of street parking is available on Saturdays on School Street, Barry Parade, & surrounding streets.

The warehouse will not have regular opening hours as we focus on cataloguing the Logical Unsanity collection.

Even though there are not regular opening hours, we are more than happy for you to visit. Make an appointment after the 8th by calling 0413 469 509 or email [email protected]

It has taken a little longer to set up the warehouse than we originally anticipated and we have been very quiet online over the past month and a bit. There are a few reasons: moving books always takes longer than you think, a few leaky roof moments has meant extra moving and repair work on the building, and the sudden death of someone very close to the Logical Unsanity family meant taking some time to reflect on the number 42.

That said, we are back into the book sorting and hope to see you in the warehouse very soon. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more info and to RSVP.

What Else?

Lots more of course!

Once again we return to the Woodfordia site for The Planting, 28-30 April, this time with even more couches and backgammon, and of course, books books books.

3 days and nights of talks, performances, workshops, demonstrations and more on the beautiful Woodford Folk Festival site. See the full program and buy tickets at https://theplantingfestival.com/

Northey St Upcycle Markets

The first Sunday of every month you can find Logical Unsanity in the Northey Street City Farm for the Upcycle Market. We bring along a range of $5 books and kid’s books 5 for $5.

There’s also clothing, vintage, and craft stalls, live music, and runs alongside the weekly Northey St Organic Farmers Market.

You can find us there this Sunday, 2nd of April, from 8am to 12 midday.

New On logicalunsanity.net

While getting the warehouse set up we have also been busy cataloguing. There are lots of new additions to be found on logicalunsanity.net
Here is a very small selection:

First Edition Charles Bukowski

The Beat Hotel: Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Corso in Paris, 1957-1963

Trucanini: Queen Or Traitor?

The first five Footrot Flats volumes in illustrated slip case


Bardon Book Shed

The warehouse is open spontaneously and by appointment, but the book shed is at the opposite end of the spectrum, ready and waiting for your book hunting dreams; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It even has its own Facebook page. We will be updating the page whenever we do big sorts and cleans


Occasional Update #11

Lots of exciting things have been happening. So sit down, hold onto your pheasants, and prepare for a plethora of page turning book love.

To start, Logical Unsanity was again an absolute hit at the Woodford Folk Festival.

People browsed, read, played backgammon, and escaped from the incredible heat, nearly non-stop, 17 hours a day, all week long.

Logical Unsanity Membership

Announcing Logical Unsanity Memberships. Show your love of books and Logical Unsanity by becoming a Logical Unsanity Member. Sign up today to receive great benefits such as free books, discounts, a Logical Unsanity library bag, and help fund projects like the 24 Hour Book Shed.

New Location in Fortitude Valley

Logical Unsanity is moving to a new warehouse space. From mid-February, you will be able to find us on School St, Fortitude Valley. The new location is right on the cusp of the City, the Valley, and Spring Hill, next door to the Barry Parade Shell Service Station.

Look out for the next update in early February which will let you know more about the space and what we will be doing there.

Bardon High-Quality Section Closing

In two weeks time, we close the gate of the Bardon high-quality section to the public for the last time as we prepare to move it over to the Valley. The final day is Saturday, 4th of February. So come in, grab a pile of books and make an offer on a piece of art.

The 24 Hour Book Shed

While the high-quality section is moving, we are very happy to announce that the book shed will remain in Bardon. The future of the shed was looking non-existant until only a few days ago, but we have secured a new lease for the space and are very pleased that it will be remaining in its present location for at least the next few years.

Now that we have secured the shed’s future, we are planning some renovations to increase its book capacity, as well as add better reading chairs and tables. More announcements on that soon too.

That’s everything for Occasional Update #11. OU#12 will be with you sooner than usual as an update on the new space and renovation plans for the book shed are imminent.

We will leave you with Yarran’s special New Years Day present, a visit from Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, and their son Anthony.

Despite recovering from a bout of bronchitis, Neil was in good spirits, and happily signed a small collection of his books. Amanda, who visited the bookshop on the first day of the festival, recounted that upon telling a very sick Neil, “There’s a bookshop in there.” a smile forced its way through his delirium.

Hello world!

What has Logical Unsanity been doing?

October 2016 marks ten years since Logical Unsanity started selling books. It also marks the birth of Volume 2, Part 1, the first Logical Unsanity publication in exactly 8 years.

There have been many roads, lanes, tracks, and miscellaneous territory traversed over these 10 years. For the last 2.6 Logical Unsanity has been based back in Brisbane. Since returning we have been attempting to get a technology system in place to help us catalogue and manage what has become a 20,000+ collection of mostly secondhand books.

Alongside running a bookshop and art gallery at the now closed Absoe/Boundary Street Markets, the Logical Unsanity 24 hour bookshed and several versions of the high quality section and art gallery in Bardon, plus running bookshops at the Woodford Folk Festival, The Planting, and a few other markets, it has been no easy feat, but we finally have something very workable in place.

Where is Logical Unsanity now?

A massive shout out to the small team over at Bookzangle for building a great bookselling inventory management system for secondhand booksellers. To give you an idea, we are now able to post books to our new website at www.logicalunsanity.net, as well as update our eBay store, Biblio, Books & Collectibles, Amazon, and a bunch of other online marketplaces all from the one location.

The best place to discover the Logical Unsanity collection is on our own website, but we wanted to give you an idea of just how powerful Bookzangle is. We are very excited to now hone in on making the ever growing inventory available to a wider audience. The website is not everything that we hoped it would be at this stage, but it is a lot of things, and for that we are very grateful. The technology behind Logical Unsanity will continue to improve, but this point is a real milestone. One that we are very pleased to have finally reached.

That said, at this point the online catalogue is still very small. After one month we are at #743. About 3% of the total inventory. New items are being added almost everyday so keep checking regularly for exciting new items. You can of course always reach out with your book requests by email so we can check our offline inventory, or keep an eye out for you as new stock comes in. We have helped many customers find particular books, or genres this way.

Offline, you can still find us in Bardon, the 24 hour bookshed is open all the time, and the high quality section & art gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday. Go on a Virtual Tour of the space.

Stay Connected With Logical Unsanity

Getting all the nitty-gritty technology together, on top of the day to day running of the shop, has left some of the social media stuff lagging behind. That said, we will continue updating (and endevour to update more) different social media channels in different ways:

The Facebook page posts new arrivals and feature item highlights dispersed with updates, and  articles, memes, videos etc. that we find interesting.

@logicalunsanity on Twitter posts each item as it is added to the website. We are still trying to get it to add with pictures and will hopefully have it all sorted shortly.

@logicalunsanity on Instagram posts occasional feature things. We haven’t been overly active on there yet, but are hoping to step it up in the near future.

@logicalunsanity on ello is something we haven’t quite jumped into yet. As with becoming more active on Instagram, the plan is to have a similar feed on ello.

Our main art appreciation Tumblr, This or The Other Left In Mntreael, has been laying dormant for a while now, but may spring back to life at any moment as we have more time to trawl for new and old art favourites.

Finally, this site, news.logicalunsanity.net, is for our more newsletter style updates (also known as our Occasional Updates to our newsletter subscribers). These are about our general goings-on, though we plan to update it a little more frequently than our newsletter with the more interesting day to night to day activities that we are up to. This site will also be home to news and pdf downloads of Logical Unsanity publications. It may potentially host more blog style activities covering book selling/collecting news, views, and articles as well. Be sure to signup to the mailing list to be notified of new posts by entering your email in the signup form.

Where are we heading?

Cataloguing cataloguing cataloguing. This is largely our forseeable future. Though in 2017 there will be a new Logical Unsanity bookshop somewhere, more news on that to come. Our larger goal to open a creative facility is still the plan, but whether this next space is large enough for all or part of the bigger dream, time will tell, though it is likely there will be at least another step between.

Thank you for your continued support, and for making the world a better place by collecting and reading books.

Yarran L. Jenkins
Logical Unsanity Books & Miscellaneous Phantasmagoria